Keynote speakers

The indispensable role of educators in shaping a nation
by Prof. John Kalu Osiri

Prof. John Kalu Osiri Washington State University
Prof. John Kalu Osiri
Washington State University

Dr. Osiri is a Carson College of Business Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business at Washington State University, where he teaches entrepreneurship, international management and business strategy. He is the Program Director of the Faculty-Led Study Abroad in Spain and France. His research interests are concerned with new venture creation, commercialization of technology and the interplay between culture and innovation. He is the author of Unleashing Your Idea: Steps to a Successful Start and Entrepreneurial Marketing: Creating a Customer Base. Osiri’s passion is building and revitalizing organizations and communities through education and entrepreneurship; his calling is coaching students on how to reach their dreams and aspirations. He is an academic entrepreneur and consultant with experience with student engagement, recruitment and enrollment strategies, in AACSB and EQUIS assessment and accreditation process, as well as in the creation of on-line learning interface and platforms. In 2014, he received the President’s Award for Leadership for his commitment to teaching and student engagement activities at Washington State University. He has been invited to speak on the international stage, including the TEDx platform. Osiri earned his PhD from Louisiana State University in Analytical Chemistry and his Post-Doctorate in International business and Entrepreneurship from The University of Florida.

How to bridge the gap between professional practice and university education: A methodological approach
by Dr. Ana Muñoz-Miquel

Dr. Ana Muñoz-Miquel
Universitat Jaume I

Dr. Muñoz-Miquel graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the Universidad Miguel Hernández and earned a MA in Medical and Healthcare Translation at the Universitat Jaume I, Spain. She completed her PhD in Translation Training at the same university, for which she received the AIETI (Iberian Association of Translation and Interpreting Studies) Best Doctoral Dissertation Award.

She has worked as a freelance translator and as a lecturer of translation and language for specific purposes at the Universitat de València, Universidad Europea Valencia and Universitat Jaume I. She is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Translation and Communication Department of the Universitat Jaume I, where she is a member of the Gentt Group and teaches scientific and medical translation both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her fields of interest include translator training and acquisition of professional competences, medical translation, and text genres aimed at patients. She has published a number of papers on these issues.

Effective ways to enhance collaboration in the classroom
by Prof. José V. Benlloch-Dualde

Prof. José V. Benlloch-Dualde
Universitat Politècnica de València

Dr. Benlloch-Dualde earned a MSc. in Physics from the Universitat de València, and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). He is currently Senior Lecturer with tenure at the School of Informatics in the UPV, where he teaches different courses related to Multimedia Systems and Educational Technology. His research interests relate to technology-enhanced learning and, more in particular, to pen-based technologies. He has leaded different innovative projects for over fifteen years with a specific focus on technology-enhanced learning. He earned a Hewlett- Packard Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative, Transforming Teaching and Learning through Technology in 2008. He was also one of the recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award from UPV in 2009.